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Tri-State Actors Theater will join the New Jersey statewide Stages Festival with a FREE Creating Puppets and Movement on Stage Workshop. Children 8-12 years old, accompanied by an adult, will create a sock puppet and develop a character using music and movement.
(All materials will be provided.)

Playwrights Theatre will present the 2014 Newark Writers Festival. Selected works from Playwrights’ twenty-plus writing residencies will be featured in an evening of readings and performances, including works from Newark schools, the disabled population at the John F. Kennedy school, the Summer School Program at the Camden School, and Senior Citizens Programs in Newark. Pieces will be performed by professional actors and musicians from Newark and beyond, as well as student performers from the Newark Schools.

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The Intergenerational Theater Workshop pairs together teens, adults and seniors in scenes from renowned theater pieces.

Seven short plays by students will be given a professional production of their work by New Jersey theatre artists. You'll see a talking rack of ribs, a bicycle with motivation issues, an Egyptian God, and Beyonce, all performed by professional actors, along with new music by Sarah Donner and Kate Brennan.

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Students perform an adaptation of this beloved Kenneth Grahame classic about a poetry-loving dragon. The story revolves around youngsters who try to protect this literate dragon, but discover that it’s difficult to hide such a large and talkative animal. When the townsfolk learn of his existence, they hire St. George to slay him. But does he? Or do the good citizens realize that not all dragons are to be feared?

A delightful retelling of the classic fairy tale by Charles Perrault.

Mi Casa Tu Casa is a bilingual blend of music and folktales for the entire family. Musicians and storytellers are your guides on this unique journey through time, place, and imagination.

Mi Casa Tu Casa es una mezcla bilingüe de música y cuentos para toda la familia. Los musicos y cuentistas serán sus guías en este viaje a travós del tiempo, lugares y la imaginación.


Dimensions: 20WX15D

(available after March 15, 2014) ELTC’s popular vintage-radio style production, with live sound effects and commercials, now with two great detectives! Sherlock Holmes Adventure of the Copper Beeches about a governess in peril, and Nick Carter and the Strange Dr. Devolo, in which Manhattan millionaires are missing.

It is the story of a group of students at Woodruff High and how they learn to deal with the constant and mean-spirited bullying behavior that has become the norm, including cyber-bullying. When Miss Dentler, their teacher, observes the bullying, she calls all of the students into her room for a meeting. Once the students are left alone to talk to one another and share their personal experiences, they start to realize that they aren't so different from one another after all. School should be a safe place for everyone, and students have the power to make it so.

It’s a song! It’s a Dance! It’s a Super-PLAY!…All about New Jersey! In honor of New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary in 2014, Pushcart Players has written an all new, spirited musical entitled “Celebrating New Jersey!” This delightful theatre piece uses the art of story telling to reach across more than three centuries, linking young and family audiences to their past and breathing life into a most creative period in our history.

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