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Format: 2016-02-05

Two River Theater Company

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Join us for a very special afternoon at the theater. Parents and grandparents will enjoy a wonderful play called Ropes, performed in Spanish, while kids enjoy a ton of fun games and activities in the theater's lobby. The performance will last from 3-4:30 pm and will include a special pre-show talk and post-play discussion, both conducted in Spanish.

ABOUT THE PLAY: Paul, Prince and Presley's dad is an international superstar: the greatest tight rope walker of all time. But his fame has kept him a mystery to his family, leaving each son searching for his own way to soar to new heights. Written by one of Latin America's leading contemporary playwrights, this moving new play reunites three brothers who try their best to walk the Ropes of life one step at a time.

While the adults in the family watch the play, children and grandchildren can enjoy stories, theater games, and snacks in the theater lobby under the supervision of bilingual teaching artists and babysitters. These family-friendly events will be available starting at 2:30pm.

Join us for a staged rehearsal of Two River’s Pericles, an epic adventure story being given a new twist at Two River this Spring! Director David Schweizer, composer/performer Rinde Eckert, and actors in the company will give you a glimpse into a scene or two from Shakespeare’s play, enriched by Eckert’s original music and an evocative new setting—a dive bar at the end of the world.

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